2002 July

Closure Day (24th July 2002)

The original idea for this web site came on the nostalgic but sad occasion of the final closure of the school on Wednesday 24th July 2002. On that day many Old Dy’vorians came to the school to roam its corridors, seek out former classmates and classrooms and say one last farewell.

Unfortunately the visit was too late to capture the furnished school, as much of the equipment and furniture had been shipped to the newly created Dylan Thomas Community School on the site of the former Dillwyn Llewelyn Comprehensive School. As a result much of the school’s ‘character’ has probably been lost so this is a record of the shell that remained.

It is hoped that the photographs in each of the four areas will enable past pupils to take a final look at the fabric that was ‘Dynevor’.

It is to be realised that the photos were taken by a ‘schoolboy’ of the Fifties and, as such, the rooms are identified as they existed in that era. Many changes have taken place since then, with classrooms reallocated to different disciplines or functions. Since the ‘modern’ second floors only came into use in September 1959, they do not figure in the Webmaster’s record of the visit.

De la Beche Wing


External Views

Dynevor Place Wing