Reunions: Late 80s Leavers

On Friday 20 July 2018, Dy’vorians primarily from the 1980’s held a Reunion in “The Hyst” bar/musical venue in the High St, Swansea.

The event was organised by Tracey Godsall and Rob Lloyd, who left in 1989, and approximately 60 – 70 former Dynevor pupils and teachers, including Pam Bashford, Judith Kerslake and David Taylor, attended what was an excellent night’s entertainment.

Rob Lloyd took the opportunity to reform the “Vicious Kittens”, a 5 piece band originating from his days at Dynevor, and those present were treated to several ‘70s/’80s classics such as Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” (1971), Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” (1986) and Status Quo’s “Rockin’ All Over the World” (1977).

All of the songs, which featured Andrew Balsamo as lead singer, were well received by the enthusiastic Dy’vorian audience, who also very much enjoyed catching up with school friends from roughly 30 years ago.