Key Dates

Key dates in Dynevor School’s history & the Old Dy’vorians Association

A Chronological list of School and Association events.

1883The opening of the Higher Grade School in Trinity Place.
1883Mr. Gomer Jones is appointed as Headmaster (one term only).
1884Mr. Samuel Roberts is appointed as Headmaster (26 years 1884-1910).
1894The school moves to Dynevor Place.
1907Municipal Secondary school status granted.
1911Mr. W. A. Beanland is appointed as Headmaster (18 years 1911-1929).
1929The premises are expanded in both Dynevor Place and De la Beche St.
1929Mr. Llewelyn John is appointed as Headmaster (13 years 1929-1942).
1930The school's name is changed to Dynevor School & the Old Dy'vorian Association is formed.
1941The premises are seriously damaged during 3-day blitz of Swansea.
1942Mr. W. Bryn Thomas is appointed as Headmaster. (10 years 1942-1952).
1944The school's name is changed to Dynevor Secondary Grammar School.
1952Mr. Glan Powell is appointed as Headmaster (5 years 1952-1957).
1957Mr. Meredydd G. Hughes is appointed as Headmaster (8 years 1957-1965).
1957Mr. George Hounsell becomes Hon. Secretary of Old Dy'vorians (40 years 1957-1997).
1958Mr. D. Iorwerth Mort becomes Hon. Treasurer of Old Dy'vorians (39 years 1958-1997).
195875th Anniversary Magazine published.
1965Mr. D. Bernard Norris is appointed as Headmaster (13 years 1965-1978).
1971The school becomes Dynevor Senior Comprehensive School.
1978The amalgamation with Llwyn-y-Bryn Girls' School.
1979Mr. W. D. Hubert Davies is appointed as Headmaster (7 years 1979-1986).
1983Centenary Magazine published.
1985The school loses its Sixth Form to Swansea Tertiary College.
1986Mr. Allan Smith is appointed as Headmaster (15 years 1986-2001).
2001Dynevor School ceases to exist.
200224th July - The final farewell from former pupils and staff as Dynevor School closes.
2002The Old Dy'vorian" bi-annual Journal is first published, edited by David Farmer (Class of '44).
200415th March - The Old Dy'vorians' Website is launched by Dave Tovey (Class of '52).
200416th March - The 'New Dynevor' project is announced by Prof. David Warner, Principal and Chief Executive of the Swansea Institute.
200629th July - Dynevor School was reopened as the Dynevor Centre for Art, Design and Media faculties of the Swansea Metropolitan University by one of our most famous alumni, Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury.
200719th March - The Unveiling of the Goldstone Window at new Dynevor Campus.
20098th May - Central Tower and six key areas within the Dynevor Campus named after Dr. Rowan Williams and the former Dynevor House Names with a commemorative plaque unveiled.
201125th March - First O.D.A. Annual Golf Tournament, at Clyne Golf Course.