The Constitution

The Constitution of The Old Dy’vorians Association

(This document includes all amendments approved by the AGM up to and including the 2016 AGM held on 7thApril, 2016.)

1.      The Association shall be known as “THE OLD DY’VORIANS ASSOCIATION”

2.      The aims of the Association shall be: 

(a)        To provide a means for keeping past pupils and staff of the School in touch with one another.

(b)        To take an interest in supporting educational development in Swansea and its environs by using the skills and expertise of its members, and by making charitable donations.

(c)        To garner and conserve material relating to the history, heritage and outreach of Dynevor School and its staff and pupils from its foundation as a Higher Grade School in Trinity Place in 1883, in order to secure, maintain and promote a literary, physical, audio, and digital archive resource. 


The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of:

(i)  The President of the Association

(ii)  The Vice-president

(iii)  The immediate Past-President

(iv) The Secretary

(v) The Treasurer

(vi) The Membership Secretary

(vii)  The Editor of ‘The Dy’vorian’

(viii) The Communications Co-ordinator

(ix)  Four other Committee Members

The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members as the Committee shall decide, but such co-opted members shall only serve for the remainder of the current year of office. 

4.      AUDITORS 

The accounts of the Association shall be audited by one Honorary Auditor who shall not be a member of the Committee. 


The offices of  PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY, EDITOR OF ‘THE DY’VORIAN’, COMMUNICATIONS CO-ORDINATOR, & AUDITOR, shall be filled annually by election at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be held for the period of one year from the date of the Annual General Meeting. All retiring members shall be eligible for re-election. 


The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the first quarter of each year, or as agreed by the President & Secretary. 

 7.      QUORUM 

A quorum at an Executive Committee meeting shall consist of any six members; and the Secretary or the Treasurer or the President or the Vice-President needs to be present. 


An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the written request to the Honorary Secretary of 10 members of the Association.  The Meeting will then be held as soon as is practicable following receipt of the request.  


Deserving and/or distinguished individuals who are, or have been involved with Dynevor School or the Association shall be made Honorary Life Members of the Association.  Such individuals shall be nominated at the Annual General Meeting and shall be agreed by a simple majority vote.   

10.    FINANCES 

The fees for membership of the Association shall be as decided by an Annual General Meeting as appropriate. 

11.    PAYMENTS 

The Treasurer and one of two other members nominated by the Committee shall be empowered to sign all cheques on behalf of the Association. The Treasurer shall make such payments for purposes which have been authorised by the Committee.  The Treasurer and one of two other members nominated by the Committee may authorise payment of money for any appropriate purpose which has not been authorised by the Committee, but they shall report the expenditure to the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall authorise payments to be made to charitable causes appropriate to the aims of the Association. 


Alterations to the Constitution shall be made by a simple majority vote at a General Meeting of the Association.

 7th April, 2016