Annual Dinner 2016

The 2016 Annual Dinner of the Old Dy’vorians’ Association took place at Fulton House, University of Swansea, on Friday 8th April 2016. 

This was the 78th anniversary of the first ODA Dinner and saw Ted Nield, Year of ’67, taking over from Selwyn Walters as the new President.

Ted’s guest speaker at the Dinner was Brian Williams, Professor Emeritus, University of Aberdeen and another Old Dy’vorian from the Year of ’51. A renowned geologist, Brian’s talk was entitled ‘Life on the Rocks – trials and tribulations of a geologist’ and this proved to be a humorous account of Brian’s experiences both studying geology at Dynevor and teaching it in Higher Education.


For any member wishing to print images as shown below from the 2016 Annual Dinner, these may be found on the following Penumbra Photography Facebook Page under “ODA Dinner 2016