An increasing number of Reunions are being organised by former pupils of Dynevor School and these are recognised as being key to the ongoing development of friendships and the Association.  They provide an ideal means of maintaining contacts with former schoolmates and facilitate the development of future activities.

If you know of any planned Reunions and wish to publicise them via this website, please let us know by emailing

The Association tries to maintain a record of all Reunions organised by former pupils and below is a chronological list of all such events, to the best of our knowledge. Should you be aware of other reunions which are not listed, we would be grateful to be sent further details.

Reunions: Year of 1941

Reunions: Year of 1951, Form 5D

Reunions: Year of 1953

Reunions: Year of 1955 in 2005

Reunions: Year of 1955 in 2015

Reunions: Year of 1958 in 2011

Reunions: Year of 1958 in 2018

Reunions: Year of 1959

Reunions: Year of 1965

Reunions: Year of 1967

Reunions: Late 80s Leavers