Fifties Reminiscences

During the lifetime of our bi-annual publication “The Old Dy’vorian” (usually abbreviated to TOD) there have been several articles by Emeritus Professor John L. Davies (Class of 1952) which have now been gathered together on the website for the enjoyment of Old Dy’vorians regardless of their Year of Entry.

They can be accessed from the following links:-

Fifties Reminiscences: A 2C Literary Initiative in 1954 (TOD 5)

Fifties Reminiscences: A Celebration of the Hobbies Exhibitions and Bennett the Indefatigable (TOD 15)

Fifties Reminiscences: Dynevor Geography Trips (TPD 17)

Fifties Reminiscences: An Undistinguished Career in Dynevor Rugby (TOD 18)

Fifties Reminiscences: Music at Dynevor (TOD 20)

Fifties Reminiscenses: Reflections on English Masters at Dynevor in the 1950s (TOD30)

Copies of all five TODs are still available from Dave Tovey or telephone 01792 873334.